VIDAR History

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VIDAR History


  • VIDAR opened doors with Engineering Business Line, specialized in development and manufacture of large format scanners


  • Purchased Reston Consulting Group doubling VIDAR's size and increasing its capabilities

1990 - 1991

  • Obtained large OEM contract with Houston Instruments
  • Acquired Truvel Corporation, manufacturer of TruScan scanners for the Mac and IBM PC providing VIDAR with color scanning technology and first film digitizer


  • Designed and introduced the VXR-8 and VXR-12 film digitizers to the Radiation Therapy market

1993 - 1995

  • Gained large Xerox OEM contract
  • Expanded film digitizers from Therapy market to mobile teleradiology market with VXR-12

1996 - 1997

  • Started up Bamboo Software Solutions Business Line
  • Developed and manufactured first color large format scanner
  • Obtained ISO 9001 certification


  • Introduced TeleradPRO film digitizer to market
  • Previewed DiagnosticPRO® film digitizer at RSNA for entrance into PACS market


  • Released the results of Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions clinical study that demonstrated no clinically significant differences between images digitized by CCD and laser digitizers
  • Introduced the SIERRA Film Digitizer - the first film digitizer priced under $10,000
  • Introduced VIDAR MammographyPRO™ Film Digitizer - first digitizer designed and engineered specifically for digitizing mammography films

2000 - 2001

  • Developed and initiated Automatic Digitizer Calibration - new closed-loop calibration process that automatically adjusted for thermal drift
  • Initiated three clinical studies to further evaluate the diagnostic accuracy and clinical quality of images produced by VIDAR film digitizers
  • Released CopyExpress digital film duplication software


  • VIDAR acquired by Contex, a Danish large format scanning company


  • VIDAR medical film digitizers became the worldwide gold standard in film digitizing industry
  • VIDAR introduced its family of next generation film digitizers - the Advantage product line


  • VIDAR acquired Star-V-Ray, developer and manufacturer of biomedical scanners and CCD cameras for machine vision and industrial imaging


  • Launched Microarray Scanner Business Line


  • Introduced White LED in Advantage product family for lower power and longer life


  • The Contex Group, VIDAR's owner, is acquired by RATOS, a listed private equity company located in Sweden
  • VIDAR introduced the CAD PRO® and DiagnosticPRO Advantage for FFDM, along with dual use ClinicalExpress® software
  • VIDAR introduced the DosimetryPRO® Advantage (Red) for EBT Film Dosimetry, QA, and IMRT - only medical film digitizer developed for use with GAFCHROMIC® EBT film


  • Released ClinicalExpress International


  • Began development of medical grade digitizer for dental market
  • Celebrated 25th Anniversary


  • Launched the VIDAR Dental Film Digitizer in the United States and Europe


  • Launched the VetradPRO Edge Film Digitizer in the US & Europe, specifically developed for the veterinary market


  • 3D Systems Completes The Acquisition Of Z Corp and VIDAR

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