OEM Resellers/Distributors

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OEM Resellers/Distributors

VIDAR Systems Corporation manufacturers and distributes medical film digitizing systems, software, and related products and accessories. VIDAR’s sales strategy is to sell its products to Resellers who manufacturer and/or distribute medical imaging solutions (e.g., PACS), and wish to purchase VIDAR products for incorporation into their systems for resale. Resellers of VIDAR products also are willing to provide service and support required by their customers for VIDAR products.

To become a VIDAR reseller, you should understand the following requirements:

  1. That you are an OEM, value-added reseller, or distributor, and that you will add value to VIDAR products by incorporating VIDAR products into your system/solution(s) that you sell, lease, or distribute to others, or by adding valuable services to VIDAR products.
  2. That you will not sell, lease or otherwise distribute VIDAR products without incorporation into your system/solution or without adding other equipment or valuable service unless you have prior written authorization from VIDAR.
  3. That you will provide to VIDAR a non-binding forecast of the VIDAR products and quantity of each you plan to order in the succeeding calendar year.
  4. That you will fully complete and submit to VIDAR a Non-Disclosure Agreement and a Reseller Application that includes submitting to VIDAR your financial statement(s); bank references, including account numbers; and trade references.
  5. That you will sign and execute a Reseller Agreement that is binding for 12 months and is subject to annual review and renewal based on your prior year’s performance.
  6. That you will be responsible for the installation of your system/solution(s) containing VIDAR product, and for the training and orientation of your customers’ operators.
  7. That you will establish and maintain a first-call service and support capability for any VIDAR products that you resell.
  8. That you will be responsible as the first point of contact for technical support with the customers and/or end-users.

Please review, fill out, and submit the following documents to MBL Inside Sales, Fax # 703.471.7665, if you wish to become a VIDAR Reseller:

 Non-Disclosure Agreement

* Reseller Application

* This PDF will only save as an empty form. Please be sure to print a copy for your record's and fax your completed and signed application to 703.471.7665.

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