What Customers Say

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What Customers Say


“Jon, I just wanted to send a brief note to tell you how pleased we are with the VIDAR scanner! I have the best of both worlds: film and digital!”

— Eugenia P. Roberts, DDS


“We’re in a digital world…this allows me to take everything in my office and make it digital…we could be paperless if we so chose. We have the hard copies and this allows us to have both worlds.”

“When I went shopping I wasn’t looking for a digitizer…this machine did more than I could ever dream: it allowed me to go digital, it allowed me to correspond, it allowed me to safe keep everything that I have.”

“If you have an existing panoramic machine that’s producing quality films…this machine will allow you to be just as digital…at a much lower cost.”

— Dr. Wayne Smith, Eastman, GA


“VIDAR does not refer to the device as a “scanner” because it really isn’t. Its entire purpose is to digitize film and, as such, it does an admirable job. …We put the device through its paces by digitizing film that comes in from other offices to make it available to us in our chartless environment. The device has done a great job and provides exceptional images.”

— Dr. John Flucke

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